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LetmedoIT is known to follow its own path. And the footprints we leave behind become noticed more and more. Not only by the people working at the companies we work for, but also in the IT market and beyond. That means we have an increasing amount of news to share. Here you will find it all. We will provide regular updates. But if you would like to know more about the LetmedoIT story, or invite us for an interview or editorial, contact us here.

LetmedoIT launches new website

Recently, we have had a teaser website online, with which we made a solid statement to the IT market. And now, as we go public with our new identity, is it also time to launch our new website.

You will see that our website will grow in the near future. For example, we are planning on launching our own professional online network. To connect our clients to our team, and our clients to each other. Inspiring? Sure! Challenging? Definitely! This network, we call the meplatform, which will bring together knowledge, talent and inspiration on all levels in life and work. So, what you see here online is only the beginning...
LetmedoIT launches new corporate identity
LetmedoIT launches new website
LetmedoIT appears in FD Gazellen magazine