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We launched LetmedoIT in 2005 to change the way break-fix IT services were accepted within organizations. And the moment we took full responsibility for the managed IT services we provided, we undoubtedly added sustainable value to the organizations we worked for; and especially to their employees. So, in the years that followed it became clear, that we were on the right track, putting end-users in the center of our attention. After all, it is about enabling organizations to maximize performance and efficiency, by providing IT solutions that are focussed on empowering their employees. This is how we deliver Return on IT. Read more about the story of me here.

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LetmedoIT is the most dedicated IT service partner for a steady amount of loyal customers with 25 upto 350 employees. We service our client’s employees directly with effective IT services and empowering solutions. For most clients we operate as if we were their own IT department. In some cases we do it on-site, but in many cases we enable their performance from our headquarters in Utrecht.

Whatever the objective or goal our client wishes to achieve with our services, we always work on an all-inclusive basis. That means we keep the whole integrated IT infrastructure in perfect condition, maintaining it, providing maximum availability, guaranteeing continuity and preventing disasters. This way we ensure that your employees can do their job as productively as possible for a fixed price per month. Also, whenever we carry out projects, we make them fixed price ánd no cure no pay. This again to ensure that we only benefit when we make results happen.
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